The Devil and Lester Filbin


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The Devil and Lester Filbin

Cusper Lynn

“95 dollars?” Dr. Silas Martz hooted.
I stared at him and said nothing.
“You’re serious,” he said. “That’s it? That’s all the money you have? Nothing in savings? You have to have savings. At least two grand for an emergency. Something.”
I sighed.
“Seriously? Or are you just being melodramatic?”
I shook my head and said, “95 dollars.”

Decling Fortunes – A Get Rich Quick Scheme Novel


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“John D. MacDonald, Anthony Robbins and Steve Martin walk into a bar…”

Declining Fortunes

Cusper Lynn returns as an independent consultant who has gone to the dark side; he is working for motivational speakers. His first client is a down on his luck, former real estate guru millionaire, Abby Norman “The Wealthy Mormon.”  After getting the pills, the booze and the gun away from his new client, Cusper sets out to restart his client’s career. Lawsuits, viral videos, swindles, burglaries, roller derby smack downs, clairvoyants, 12 step programs for attorneys, and federal inquiries are all part of Cusper’s new professional life.  Racing against the clock, the bank and a Russian loan shark, Cusper must pull off the re-launch of a lifetime, capture a federal fugitive and get his car back. For Cusper Lynn, there is only one option; go broke or die trying! This edition includes the six story bonus, The Cusper Chronicles.