The Tōhoku Earthquake And Tsunami


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Excerpt From Walking Back From Key West . . .

Tim fumed as he stood in line for the waffle iron.  The day was barely started and it was already out of control.  Mark and Dale had already plotted out the whole day; unthinkable!  How had he missed this?  When did all of this happen?

“. . . then I rolled down the pier and the twat knocked my sunglasses off,” a familiar voice announced.

“Did you get them back?” Roger asked.

Tim turned to see the group of students from the previous night.   The tall blond one was wearing dark glasses, appeared to be hung over and was clearly pleased with himself.

“No.  They landed in the water,” Spence laughed.

Tim saw the girls out of the corner of his eye and found he still didn’t know their names.

Kate hung on Darla. Like Spence, Kate was wrecked and resenting everything.

“Well, I turned to him and said…”Spence continued.

“Shhhh!” Jane hissed and turned up the sound on the large television that dominated the hotel’s breakfast room.

Walking Back From Key West


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No One Ever Really Leaves Key West.

In a hotel, on the northeast side of Key West, Florida, Erin Hardinger is beginning spring break without her medications. For the first time in more than a decade, she is seeing the world without the pharmaceutical filter that her mother placed on her as a child. Beneath the surface of the mundane and absurd fixtures of Key West’s tourist trade, a world of the living and the dead confronts Erin at every turn. The torn edges of perception and reality soon spill over into the lives of her companions and strangers; a crooked doctor on the run from the mob, the panic stricken wife of a retired optometrist, and a group of college students all find the edges of their
reality blurred. Is it Erin’s awakening that is causing this, or is it the hotel, or is it Key West itself?